What's up party people?? I'm so thrilled that my new album is finally out, that I've decided to put together a little remix competition. I know I have tons of talented friends and producers dying to get their stuff out there, so I figured this would be a pretty good shot. The winner of the competition will receive their remix released with other official remixes on Simplify recordings, plus a bunch more that will be described below. Make them interesting, make them into whatever genre you want! I encourage you to take a different approach so that we don't end up with nothing but funk or glitch hop remixes, anything is welcome.


The basic gist of the competition is simple. You are provided the stems for both "Back to the Funk feat. DirtyPhonic" and "Take You Out" because I think more variety is better. Choose which track you'd like to do, then when the contest opens on July 1st send a soundcloud link of your remix (can't be a download) to defunkofficial@gmail.com

Once the deadline to put in your remix has closed, its time to vote. This means soundcloud, crowd and friend participation will decide the top five tracks based on shares and likes. I will organize all the entries into a playlist on my soundcloud so you can actively see everyone elses track who has entered. Voting will last for two weeks.

The last part of the competition will be judged by myself, Simplify Recordings and a band of merry mates and gals. There will be 5 tracks selected that we feel really show variety, originality, party vibes and  skill, and out of those we will be picking the one that completely moves us, shakes us, and funks us sideways. Good luck.




1. Each remixer must wait until JULY 1st to post their track to soundcloud. Giving people a little more time and fairness for numbers is only fair.

2. Each remixer can only remix ONE track. Anyone who submits a remix of both tracks will be disqualified. 

3. Each remixer has to have his remix in by the closing date of the competition application, which is, and don't forget this, JULY 26

4. Each remixer most use at least some of the given stems, for it to be considered a remix.

5. Acapellas of copyrighted material cannot be used. Everything you use must be owned by you.


The deadline to send remixes to defunkofficial@gmail.com is JULY 26th, 2014.


The winner will have his remix released along with other official remixes on a remix album on Simplify Recordings. They will also receive all my music for free from here on out, a signed cd of the new album, a guestlist spot at any show I happen to be playing in your area, and some other little Defunk goodies.

Download the Stems for "Take You Out" here

Download the stems for "Back to the Funk" here