Mar 29, 2014

The Voices and Sounds Behind The New Album

Charlotte Dobre - vocals (Featured on Take it All Off)

Singer-Songwriter, Actor, Performance Artist.
Country: Canada, US



Sam Klass - guitar (Featured on Take it All Off)

Singer-Songwriter, Loop artist, Guitarist
Country: Canada



Benjamin's Vibe - vocals (Featured on Rage Against Time)

Singer-songwriter, Hip hop artist, DJ
Country: US



Vindaloo - vocals (Featured on All that Jazz)

Singer-songwriter, Photographer, Performing Artist, Vocalist
Country: Canada, UK



K+Lab - producer (collab on The Last)

Beat chief, producer, instrumentalist, DJ, performer, songwriter
Country: New Zealand



The Wednesday Experiment - vocals (Featured on Softest Edge)

Collective, Band, Singer-songwriters, Producers, DJ
Country: Australia



A.Y.E. - vocals (Featured on A Test of Time)

Hip hop artist, singer-songwriter, vocalist, producer
Country: Canada



AK Sediki - vocals (Featured on Technician)

Hip Hop artist, Vocalist, singer-songwriter
Country: Hungary



DirtyPhonic - saxophone (Featured on Back to the Funk)

Songwriter, producer, dj, saxophonist
Country: England



Willis Benjamin - guitar, harmonica (Featured on Knuckle Blaster)

Guitarist, banjo player, harmonica, instrumentalist, song-writer
Country: Canada



Mar 9, 2014

Album News

In other news, stuff is happening and I'm super stoked on it. The album is coming together nicely, just bounching out some songs for mastering and waiting on peices for others. All in all I'm still aiming to have this out for June, with previews up a lot sooner than that. But I think it will be worth the wait. I've got three collabs going on for this, which are a first for me. The collaborators include the talented, K+Lab, Flavours and Shamanic Technologies. Three different glitch artists from three different continents with three different sounds, so the possibilites are endless.





Dec 22, 2013

Top 5 in my Funk Trunk - Week 5

1. AYE - Keep it Real 

Blown away this guy is local. Love the style, love the production, so its not suprising I'm asking him to do some vocals on my upcoming album. This is hip hop.


2. Break Science - Once in a While (feat. Sonya Kitchell)

This song is the meaning of sexy in my opinion. Favourite song off of the new Break Science album, as it floats through beautiful melodies, bringing seemingly far away reverbed vocals smoothly into the beat with synth work that reminds me of Bassnectar's liquid dubstep. So hot.


3. Skope - When I Look at You

A little neuro-hop this week, this time by one of the clear kings of neuro-hop, UK based Skope. This guy focuses hard on minute details, and is a sound design master. I'm going to see about having him remix one of my tunes very soon :)


4. Shapeshifter - Monarch (Opiuo Remix)

I still say that Opiuo is king of glitch hop. He proves it once again in this epic song that takes us through several tempo changes, from a very chilled out sexy opening to a pounding glitch chorus that is relentless. How does he do it? Amazing producer, and I'm glad I got a chance to chill with him in Australia. Still hoping for that Opiuo Defunk collab one day ;)


5. Pretty Lights - Total Fascination (Defunk remix feat. Benjamin Vibes)

I don't usually put my own songs into these lists, but today I will just because it deserves some explanation. What started out as just a want to have a VIP of one of my favourite Pretty Lights songs eventually took a turn to gather Benjamin Vibes on vocal duty who straight killed it. A day after release I was blown away to find Derek (Pretty Lights) reaching out to me to thank me for the remix. I'm blown away, and I think it could be the start of a very new chapter for me. Look forward to the new album "Future Funk" sometime mid 2014



Dec 12, 2013

Top 5 in my Funk Trunk - Week 4

1. Eton Messy Music Presents.. FKJ

I've been digging this guy extremely hard lately, a soft, fresh and future approach to funk. Its a usual departure from the hard glitch and funk but I'm drawing some influences for the new album for sure. Future Funk as it's called, and this guy is from France! French Kiwi Juice 


2. Pretty Lights - Done Wrong (Opiuo Remix)

If you didn't notice, Opiuo was one of the major influences for my last album, and for my experimentation in glitch in general. I feel that this guy is constantly pushing the boundaries, and I was blessed to have the opportunity to party with him in Australia ( and thank you for letting me sleep on your hotel room floor once again Oscar!) I've always said I'd love to see Opiuo and Pretty Lights collab, and fuck, its happened. I feel this is the best remix on the remix album, and a little part of me can't help but feel I could have contended with the other remixers. One day..


3. Antichrist - Evil Gypsy Woman (Khurt Remix)

Anybody want some dirty swing? This guy does the heavy shit pretty well.


4. California Dreaming (DarkElixir Remix)

I've been playing this song out for a while, and I really did the style. West coast purple sound meets hip hop, but in a very catchy way.


5. K+Lab - The Funk Hammer

I love this kiwi, and pretty much everything that comes from that island. So much funk and groove. This guy is amazing live and I've drawn heavy influence from some of his glitch work in the past year.



Dec 5, 2013

Top 5 in my Funk Trunk - Week 3

1. C2C - Delta

Its obvious that C2C are amazing scratch artists, but they've also become a huge success in the production world. Hell they've even gotten into popular radio. Its actually refreshing to see this electro-blues style making its way into the mainstream and having people dig it, so be prepared for something funky, fun and bluesy like this on the new album 2014 :)

2. Ageless - Thrill Me

Found about this guy a month or two ago, and definately digging the vibes. Feel good disco meets sample heavy funk, much like my Gramatik idol. I can get down with the electro-soul on this, can you?

3. Teddy Killerz - Pandora

I don't know how to describe this one. Teddy Killerz have released on OWSLA, Skrillex's label, and have been doing the trap, drum and bass and heavy electro thing. But on this release, they've got some really interesting glitch. Just listen to this absurd blend of guitar, heavy bass, mind fuck glitch and soul. Its so weird and interesting that it caught my attention right away.


4. B-Mid - Cocaine & Beef

A friend of mine over in Victoria has been trying lots of different things out in the production field. Much the same as me, going from the ghetto funk sound and then eventually settling into more of a glitch hop direction. His latest has some cool Opiuo-style vibes on it, so I thought I'd share it so you guys can check it out. PS. Just a heads up Mr. B-Mid, I know you're a fan of those one day exclusive previews, but as a tip just leave that shit up! If you dig your music, you can be sure others will as well. Don't be scurred!


5. Chris.Su - Together in the Night feat. Mira

It's official, I can't hide my love for drum and bass anymore. It was the first genre of edm that got me into the whole thing, and I've always played out a dnb section in all of my sets. With that, you can be SURE that I'm going to try to widdle some liquid dnb out in the new album for 2014. I'm aiming for 12 songs, and thus far I've got some super fresh vibes that sounds different from anything I've done before, and I couldn't be more excited. Anyways, oh yes, the track. I found this in Andy C's latest mix, and I think its super sexy. Yum, a little whip cream on this please.





Nov 30, 2013

Hot Bass Fudge (forthcoming freebie)

Hot Bass Fudge (forthcoming freebie)

The latest addition to my soundcloud is a preview of an upcoming freebie for Adapted Records. Rnb meets Koan Sound like neuro hop, with hip hop vocals by Jam Jarr. I've place Tinie Tempah acapella in there for now until I get the vocal stems. Can't wait.



Nov 28, 2013

Top 5 in my Funk Trunk - Week 2

Back for another week of my funk trunk. I've been working like mad, in fact this upcoming saturday will be the first day I'll have off in three weeks. As a result, the amount of productions I've been able to do has gone down quite a bit. But its all in the name of saving for the UK, and so far I'm a quarter there after one successful month. I will see you on the other side of the pond my lovelies. Now for some new beats :) !!!

1. Calyx & Teebee - Strung Out

These guys are arguably my favourite drum and bass producers, because they always strive for the newest and most innovative beats and bass rhythms. I just found this track the other day and I fucking love when they deviate from the drum and bass and make something silky smooth like this. This songs kicks.


2. Sedge Warbler - Octopus Lover (Shamanic Technology Remix)

Oh so funky and dirty. My brother over the pond in the UK, Shamanic Technology, just released this beast of a neurohop tune. His style is so intricate and seeing him play live blew me away. I love what they are doing over there, and this is some fresh stuff so definately check it out.


3. The Funk Hunters & SkiiTour - Keep on Moving

My brothers on the west coast, the Funk Hunters did a great job on their track for the K Theory compilation. If you haven't checked it out yet, please do as it features myself, K Theory, Love and Light, It take Two to Tango and many others. Looks like these guys have also been dabbling in bringing in live instruments into the music, and they've done a swell job. Looks like I've got to up the anty for the next album!!


4. Bondax - Giving it All (French Kiwi Juice Remix)

Wow is all I can really say for this one. French Kiwi Juice reminds me of a brand new, more disco oriented Gramatik. His sampling is off the charts and his sound design is silky bloody smooth. I will definately lay down with someone to this song, it is baby makin love funk.


5. Kove - Searching

I don't think there will be many blogs I'll do without something resembling drum and bass. Its what got me into electronic music. And speaking of THAT, the very first song that got me into glitch and funk, by none on the than Pretty Lights, was just remixing my yours truly and will be a free download very soon. There is something so beautiful about that floaty liquid feel in a drum and bass track, and this song caught my attention when I picked it out from the latest Loadstar BBC mixtape. Just my jam




Nov 21, 2013

Top 5 in my Funk Trunk - Week 1

So basically, this blog is dedicated for anyone following my music who would like to know what I'm digging at the moment. I think it will be a great way to expose you guys to some new genres and music, and also find some gems you may not know about. Without further ado, lets check some shit out.

1. Camo & Krooked - Lovin you is Easy (S.P.Y. Remix)

So this is what happens when two amazing drum and bass producers meet. Yes, if you didn't already know from my live shows, I am huge in dnb. Camo and Krooked have blown me away with their sound design on their newest album, and when I heard SPY redid my favourite track I had to check it out. Without a doubt I was content with the minimal sound they have going on. This is definately a sound that will be huge in the next few years, mark my words.

2. Sam Smith x Nile rodgers x Disclosure x Jimmy Napes - Together

If you're deep into the music seen you've noticed a huge comeback on the house sound. I am not a big fan of the beat, but some of the sounds are becoming big influences in my work this year. Namely Disclosure, bringing back super simplistic melodies with catchy verses and that fresh sound. This track happens to be super funkalicious, representing that future funk sound that is just starting to make its way in. Super sexy vibes on this one


3. Dub Terminator - Come to Town ft. Peppery

Always up for a little reggae. Love everything that comes from New Zealand, and Dub Terminator is no exception. Mashing dub and reggae with heavy bass rythms, this guy kills it.


4. Supervision - Play it Funky

Supervision is one of my favourite artists on the Pretty Lights label, and I was tickled when I found out he was a huge fan of Defunk. I think he did a brilliant job of marrying the trap 808 style with electro-soul and hip hop. Take a listen for yourself, wicked tune.


5. Minoru - Crush

I've got big love for innovation in glitch hop. In fact, I almost have stopped playing by other artists except a select few, because I feel the scene is just taken a turn for dirty-electro-ville, and has lost that real sense of groove. Minoru has been doing the groove for a while, so I commend him for that. Check this shit out.